Equine Haven Gallery

Entry sign to property

Sign at the entry of the property

Secure gated entry

Secure gated entry. When a visitor arrives and presses the button at the front gate, the gate calls my mobile phone and I can open the gate if the visitor is going to be granted access. The gate automatically closes after 30 seconds

Safe, horse friendly fencing

All fences are 5' tall, electrified and there is at least 3m between horses. The main laneway is 5m wide

Double fenced

The property is double fenced throughout with at least 3m between horses

Well draining soil

The property is located on prime Gippsland pasture. Gently sloping land and well draining soil ensures that excess water drains away

Lush pasture

Lush pasture, 5' electrified, horse friendly fencing

Green feed

Guaranteed green feed year round. As well as the lush Gippsland pasture, Equine Haven has a Fodder Solutions barley sprouter to produce consistent green feed for horses throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Sprouted barley is an excellent feed source for horses, which together with quality hard feed, will see your horse flourish whilst it's spelling. Each horses diet is individually tailored and balanced to ensure they recieve the correct nutrients

Ladies in waiting

Mares enjoying the lush grass in readiness for foaling

Spinning World filly

A lovely Spinning World filly out of Linda Winifred (NZ), born at Equine Haven 16 September 2014

Mare glowing and foal growing

Linda Winifred (NZ) glowing, and her 12 week old foal Bella, by Spinning World, growing very well

New arrival

A new arrival, January 2015, within 5 minutes discovering it's much better to eat the lovely grass than run around the paddock